Why School Management software is compulsory in every school today

Have you observed the education industry in the recent few years closely? Can you identify the change? Yes, that is right, the inclusion of educational technology. Activities that were used to be carried out manually are now get accomplished using the dedicated software. Digicampus 360 is a leading software provider company in India that is continuously grabbing the top-notch position in the ed-tech market with its prominent software. Focusing on the mission of digitalizing schools, Digicampus 360 is continuously upgrading its product range and making it fit for the future.

School ERP software is one of the most awarded products of Digicampus 360, which made the organization famous in the education industry. It is important to identify the incoming change in every industry and accommodate with the necessary footsteps so that you become exemplary for others. Digicampus 360 before the outspread of Covid has released the products for school management so that all possible activities are automated and the quality of education can be improved.

With the apt school management software, institutes can supercharge the operational efficacies and overcome the flaws of manual methods. Now, the progress of educational institutes is also measured by how advanced facilities are offered by it, smart technology equipment used on the campus, use of updated software. Streamlined management has its own benefits so educational institutes are insisting on a product that can aid them in accomplishing daily and administrative routines more efficiently. If numbers are to be believed, this market which has a market size of 8.5 billion USD in 2018 is expected to increase CAGR by 17.7% for the estimated period of 2017-2025. This clearly defines that there is an increasing need for automated business procedures in the academic sector too. Digicampus 360 promises to present sophisticated school management software that brings the technology to aid school staff in every possible way.

The below section defines the significance of school management software in today’s world:

More productivity, less workload

It is a common scenario that school staff experiences more workload during the peak admission period. In many cases, staff needs to extend their working hours to balance the workload. This can be eliminated by introducing a technology aid in the form of the school management system. After implementation, you can have more productive teachers, staff as most of the daily routine tasks are automated. Teachers can now concentrate on core teaching activities without wasting their valuable time on non-productive tasks like attendance, timetables. This time saved can be dedicated to upgrading themselves so that they can offer polished teaching to their students.

Equitable education

Government always wants everyone should able to take education and it is the necessity of life. With Digicampus 360’s school management software, it will become helpful for institutes to impart equitable education along with a comprehensive environment. With the features like online learning management, students from all over the world can take education without bearing the obstacles of location. The location-free education will help children to achieve their dreams in terms of equality.

Data security and eco-friendly solution

Adopting any software has the biggest reasons for data security, and adopting Digicampus 360’s school management system is not an exception to this fact. Digicampus 360 bounds to provide ultra-level security to data and software by integrating cloud technology. As all data is stored on the servers or in clouds in case, you will get all the drawbacks of manual systems removed. Also, role-based access to data will set it clear that there will not be any unauthorized access to data. Only valid users with the required rights can access the system.

Also, Digicampus 360’s school management system enables you to adopt eco-friendly options that will save all resources at all possible levels.

More power to parent-friendly institutes

Parents before a few years back were limited to attending parent-teacher meetings and paying the fees. Parents didn’t have much idea about what is going inside the school as they have limited sources of their kids and teachers. But to bring transparency in every possible process, educational institutes can insist on school management systems. These systems offer more innovative ways to establish a new connection bridge with parents by considering the importance of parents’ involvement in the entire educational cycle.

Digicampus 360 brings ignored stakeholders of the education system to the front page by enabling effective communication with them and letting them know what exactly is happening inside the class. Parents are now open to accessing their ward’s grades, assignment status, timetable without physically visiting the school campus. The online fee management module of the school ERP software allows them to pay the fees, generate the receipts without disturbing their own schedule.

Improved communication

Communication is the key to success and Digicampus 360 knows it better. So, it focuses on establishing effective communication among all stakeholders of the institute. Using the single platform of the school management software, everybody can access the required information, provided that the user has access to it. Also, instant sharing of information will help to increase its reach of it without wasting so many resources. SMS, app notifications, emails are the new-age communication channels that Digicampus 360 incorporates into the system.

Make your students ready for the future

Today’s students are going to be working professionals tomorrow. As this millennial generation has more exposure to technology and gadgets, it does not take much time for them to adopt the technology. With the school ERP software, students can do their daily activities like attending sessions online, checking time table, submitting assignments online. They will certainly find differences before and after the implementation of software. Also, exposure to technology at lower age will make them confident to adopt any new challenges, technologies when they enter professional life.

School ERP software is really a boon for the education sector as it converts all complex and monotonous tasks into software’s automated features. It will connect all the stakeholders more effectively with the help of technologies. As we all are dependent on smartphones, why are schools and colleges left behind with only books and notebooks? Let them also join the core queue and communicate through chat or emails.

Digicampus 360 brings the education institutes on the front side by incorporating the latest technologies in the products that are clearly designed for education institutes. Avail of the products that suit your requirements and just experience the change! Let the institute shine with features of Digicampus 360’s school management software.

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