The Ultimate School ERP For Modern School

A only software needed to run your school!

The Ultimate School ERP For Modern School

DigiCampus 360 empowers educational institutions to focus on delivering high-quality education while taking care of administrative tasks. It provides a single comprehensive interface for the management, tracking, and reporting of data for school administration, online learning, and student management.

Features & Functionality You Want

Digicampus 360 is a comprehensive solution with a modular design. So it offers the flexibility to select the feature and functionality to suit your school right now and other functionality can also be added when there is a requirement.

Integrated School Solutions To Meet Your Needs

DigiCampus 360 has fully integrated school solution with various support functions to reduce manpower-intensive activities through seamless automation. SMS, Email, OMR, Biometric, Smartcard, Barcode etc. SMS, Email, OMR, Biometric, Smartcard, Barcode etc.

Benefits Of Student Management Software...

The school management system proposes a common automated platform for the school administration, learners, tutors, and parents with salient benefits. It provides a cost-effective solution for campus and school management. The implementation of the latest communication techniques eases the communication process between parents, school management, and students. The cloud-based school management system provides security and safety to the information. Advanced features lay the foundation for new-age learning methods and can enhance the brand reputation.


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